The new cloud on the block

FRANTIC! Software is an up-and-coming cloud service provider, software creator, and CHEAP. With Cloud Store standard being priced at $0.009/gigabyte its the best in the game for Pay-as-you-go cloud storage meant for the average consumer.

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What’s in it for me?

Our flagship product, Cloud Store, is meant for the technichally inclined and average person alike. It makes storing your data affordable, simple, and secure.

  • $0.009 per gigabyte with Cloud Store standard
  • $0.005 per gigabyte with Cloud Store archival (Coming soon)
  • More than just Cloud Store
  • Mobile app (Coming soon)
  • More flexible than Google Drive or iCloud
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More than just Cloud Store

FCloud is more than just Cloud Store though. We offer multiple other products, and we’re just getting started!

  • Satellite CDN: A free, blazing fast CDN
  • Cloud Media Tools (CMT): A cloud service for bulk file conversions (Coming soon)
  • RenderCloud: Render video in the cloud (Coming soon)
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Why choose FRANTIC! Software over other providers?

With FCloud, we orient to the average consumer and business alike. It creates a better user experiance for everyone, because not everyone can navigate cloud storage. We stand to show that you dont need to be a wizard to use the Cloud.